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Leadership Excitement

After eight years as an officer of Marines, I worked for a national restaurant chain. Their paradigm for leadership was: if you can do 'Task A', you can lead others to do'Task A'. This resulted in unfulfilled goals and difficult work environments.

I knew that if I could teach these companies some basic leadership truths, they could increase their productivity and their profits.

Improved Leadership Skills will increase your sales/profits and market percentage.

Compare it to an NBA team's free throw practice: while shooting free throws is not as fun as performing flashy slam dunks, it ultimately is a skill that wins games!

Together, let's inject some leadership excitement into your business!

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Staying Alive

Individuals play a great role in the process of determining whether they will be victimized by crime or succumb during a life emergency.

We can control what signals we send that invite or discourage an attack and mentally prepare for action during life threatening situations.

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"Protect what you Project"©


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"Hopefully, we've all experienced the exhilaration of being part of a successful team, clicking on all cylinders. Now it's our turn to create that experience... Where do we start?" This video course will show you how.

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John R. Bieber

John Bieber has 30 years of experience developing and leading teams in the Marine Corps, federal government, and private sector. This includes twenty five years of international experience in personal security, a significant part of which was the executive protection of Cabinet level officials.

John has drawn on that experience to create two entertaining presentations that provide fundamental information on leadership and personal security.

Bieber Enterprises, LLP, in North Port, Florida, is dedicated to providing the finest leadership training to corporations, small companies, and organizations in the public sector.

"The National Association of Realtors has listed John Bieber as the only recommended safety expert in the State of Florida."